On LinkedIn, Size (of Your Network) Matters

linkedin Sep 15, 2021
Does the size of your LinkedIn network matter?

A connection asked me a great question recently.

“One of our new team members worked for a competitor and has a lot of connections with their employees. As we start using LinkedIn more extensively, should we remove them or block them?”

Great question!

First - never share anything on LinkedIn that you don't want a competitor to see.

Even if they're not connected, they can still follow you and will see what they want to see.

Second - competitors are not nearly as important as prospective clients.

You do want your clients and prospects to see what you're sharing, so think about them instead of your competitors. That’s the best way to stand out and be noticed.

Third - Be strategic about removing connections.

Remember, when you remove a connection, you're also removing a lot of second-degree connections from your network.  For example, if your contact has 2000 connections, those are all 2nd degree to you, and those people's connections are your 3rd degree network, which could add up to millions of people!

This matters, because LinkedIn will only allow you to view and or connect with 2nd and 3rd degree profiles. You won’t be able to view or connect with 4th degree, even if you have a premium account. So removing a connection potentially costs you a LOT more than you gain.

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