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Candyce Edelen is a leading speaker on human-to-human social selling. She talks about how sellers can use social media to go from connection to meaningful conversation to engage B2B leads and build a sales pipeline. 

She has delivered more than 40 talks in the past two years, helping business owners and sales leaders change their perspective on how to do outreach so they can take control of their revenue cycles.

Candyce is a seasoned entrepreneur with road rash earned from co-founding two fin-tech companies, one of which made the Deloitte Fast 50 list in 2004. 

In 2007, she launched PropelGrowth, a marketing consultancy, and enjoyed 10 years of growth from referrals and thought leadership. In 2018, she pivoted to a new market where she had no network. She turned to LinkedIn, and after a bit of trial and error, landed on a solid strategy. Within 6 months, she made 500 new connections and booked 125 sales calls, using just LinkedIn. Hundreds of business owners and sellers are now using her strategy to systematically and reliably build sales pipelines.

Letter to You –
Event Planner


Hey, I’m Candyce. And I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve chaired the content committee and been a content captain for 6 major conferences. It ain’t easy! You want to bring in the best speakers - people who can motivate your audience, get them excited, build their confidence, and help them get real results.

You need a speaker who can inspire, motivate and ACTIVATE. 

And, let’s be honest. You want to fill seats and sell as many tickets as possible. 

I want that too!

I’m constantly refining and improving my talks so I can deliver the most effective keynote or breakout session to your audience. I’m obsessed with making complex concepts simple and giving people confidence to go out and immediately try new approaches that can bring them quick and effective results. 

Here's How I Can Help:

Before Your Event

Work with you to ensure that my talk aligns with your audience’s needs.

Promote my appearance at your event to my extensive social network.

Create a promotional video for your event highlighting why people should attend.

During Your Event

Deliver an entertaining and inspiring talk that’s customized to your audience.

Connect and engage with attendees during and after the session.

Be accessible for video and audio interviews to help increase your event’s exposure.

After Your Event

Interact with attendees via social media to increase engagement.

Recommend your next event to like-minded individuals and companies.

Introduce you to possible future speakers.

What Attendees Are Saying

The best feedback I get is when attendees let me know they’ve tried the approaches I teach and immediately got results. Here are a few from recent talks.

"I saw your session at Directions 2024. I thought it was the best session I had while there."

Cheryl Irons

“Hi Candyce! I really enjoyed your session at Denver Startup Week yesterday and feel empowered on my LinkedIn lead development!”

Torin Johnson

“Hi Candyce, thanks for the great class today. I never use my profile, even though 70% of our business is corporate catering. I feel like it was what I needed to get my stuff together. Thanks!”

Shelby Jonse

Popular Speaking Topics


  • Acumatica (3x)
  • Innosphere (2x)
  • FCIP
  • 1M Cups
  • Denver Startup Week (4x)
  • Fort Collins StartUp Week (7x)
  • Founded in FoCo (7x)
  • RevCon
  • Marketing Copilot
  • CMA
  • ERP Software Blog
  • Directions NA
  • B2B Marketing Exchange (2x)
  • RV Entrepreneur Summit
  • FullFunnel Summit


  • B2B Power Hour
  • State of Client Acquisition
  • The Digital Influence Show
  • Latin Presarios Thought Leadership
  • B2B Marketers on a Mission
  • RV Entrepreneur Podcast
  • LoCo [Experience & Shorts]
  • The Hope, Connection and Relief Podcast
  • Aqurus Business Agility Podcast
  • Fort Collins StartupWeek Podcast
  • The ISV Society (note - this is not on our events page)
  • Consulting Lifestyle
  • Persuasion Lab (this is not on the events page)
  • B2B Thought Leadership
  • The Life Design Podcast
  • The Common Sense Professional (this is not on the events page)
  • TrendSpotters

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