PropelGrowth Courses

Get your knowledge on with our courses & workshops  

In today's automated world, a human-to-human approach to sales is what sets you apart.

Our workshops teach you how to book more meetings by mastering authentic prospecting skills that resonate with buyers ‚Äď all while leveraging technology to streamline tedious tasks.

You'll walk away with:

  • Proven techniques for connecting with prospects through human-to-human interactions
  • Strategies for using automation to enhance, not replace, your sales process
  • Templates and scripts for crafting compelling outreach that drives conversions

Get the training to gain the edge you need to thrive in modern sales.

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PropelGrowth Courses

Get your knowledge on with our courses and workshops  

Solopreneurs, business owners and sales teams: learn how to reliably and predictably generate qualified sales leads. Whether you need a full course or just a tune-up from a workshop, we're here to help.

Check out the options below.

Prospecting Mastery

A 14-module online course that helps you build a rock-solid LinkedIn prospecting foundation. Learn how to optimize your profile, find leads, connect, engage and book sales calls. You can progress at your own pace. Sign up and start filling your pipeline today. You got this!


Prospecting Workshops

You know you need to prioritize prospecting, but time is limited. Our workshops focus on one specific topic, designed for the person with little time, who wants to sample our programs with a small initial investment, or those looking to augment an already strong skill set.


"After working just a few weeks with Candyce, I had a profile that attracted more of the right people and a process for connecting that generated my best month ever. I continue to leverage Candyce’s approach and continue to get consistent results—better connections that are better prospects, and better clients. I highly recommend Candyce and her LinkedIn prospecting mastery programs!"

Scott Perry, Chief Difference Maker at Creative On Purpose

"Through her LinkedIn training, Candyce has made me a better prospector, and her approach is game-changing and should be applied to every aspect of the sales outreach process. Her methods have helped consistently turn cold outreach into warm calls and, my meeting rates have increased by 50%! I'm forever grateful for what I've learned in her training and can't recommend this highly enough."

Gabriel MartinezDirector Of Business Development, Compass Community Living

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