About PropelGrowth

PropelGrowth helps small and medium-sized B2B businesses build pipeline. We teach human-to-human, customer centric approaches to book sales calls with ideal prospects on LinkedIn.


About PropelGrowth

PropelGrowth helps small and medium-sized B2B businesses build pipeline. We teach human-to-human, customer centric approaches to book sales calls with ideal prospects on LinkedIn.


PropelGrowth Helps You Use LinkedIn to Build Pipeline

We provide human-to-human social selling training to help you:

  • Establish your presence on LinkedIn
  • Use LinkedIn as a sales tool
  • Post strategies to attract leads
  • Develop a niche strategy to improve social selling effectiveness
  • Use LinkedIn to attract and engage ideal prospects

Using proven best practices in sales and content marketing, we help you develop programs that build awareness and drive demand.

PropelGrowth Social Selling Training Options

We offer 3 types of training to help you and your team use LinkedIn more effectively.

Prospecting Mastery is a self-directed course. In it, Candyce teaches all the secrets of how she’s built her LinkedIn presence and how she books meetings every day with cold leads. It gives you all the education you need to be successful at prospecting on LinkedIn.

That course is perfect for the self-starter who prefers self-directed learning and just needs a roadmap from someone who’s been where you want to go.

PropelGrowth’s LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator is where you get more personal help. It includes all the content from Prospecting Mastery, but also includes weekly live coaching in a small group.

The Accelerator is for people who want more coaching. You want training that’s specific to your situation and your target audience. You like learning in a small group. And you could benefit from having someone hold you accountable to your goals.

If that sounds like you, then check out our LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator.

Live Workshops – on occasion, PropelGrowth provides live workshops that help dive deeper into topics taught in Prospecting Mastery. These are companion training, not replacements for our main course. Keep an eye on our events section or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we run a workshop.

Prospecting Mastery

A self-directed course that helps you build a solid LinkedIn prospecting foundation. Optimize your profile; find, connect, engage with leads, and book sales calls. Start filling your pipeline today!


Prospecting Accelerator

Live weekly coaching with a cohort of like-minded peers. Each week, we'll work on a specific social selling skill. Great for those prefer group learning and need accountability.


"Profitable Prospecting" 

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Your Instructor: Candyce Edelen

Hi, I'm Candyce. As a serial entrepreneur, I've created 5 companies (some successful, some not).

When I started PropelGrowth, I was able to leverage relationships from my 2 prior startups to attract a steady stream of referral and inbound sales leads.

Then in 2018, my partner and I decided to pivot PropelGrowth to a new industry. So I needed to build a new network from scratch. I had no budget for travel, events or advertising. And I REALLY don't like cold calling. 

But if I don't sell, my family won't eat. So I had to find a way to attract clients and make sales. I started hearing about lead generation techniques using LinkedIn, and after several months of research on the best practices, I started trying the methods. 

After several months of trial and error, I arrived at a technique that landed 125 initial sales calls in 6 months. 27 of those calls converted into opportunities. I only need to do 3-5 deals a year, so my pipeline was FULL!

I've spent the past 3 years researching, testing and refining the techniques, and I've landed on best practices that I'm now ready to teach to others. So that's why I developed the course material for supercharging your account prospecting using LinkedIn. 

What you'll learn in my course is not theory. It's a tested strategy that I personally use today to keep my pipeline full.

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Operations, Creative & Community Manager:
Phil Donaldson

Hey, I'm Phil — Chief Operating & Creative Officer. I'm also the community manager for PropelGrowth's LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator. I get a real kick out of setting the stage for pros to amp up their networking game and sales finesse. I'm all about nudging businesses from the 'same old' to what's next, especially when it involves smart social media and content marketing moves.

My vibe? Think e-learning meets strategic thinking meets creative design — all about practical solutions and smart planning. At PropelGrowth, I've been part of the shift, transforming our B2B marketing consultancy into a powerhouse for sales training that's all about creating human-to-human connection in sales prospecting.

And it doesn't end there. In my community of Fort Collins, CO, I'm deep into curating events that fuse business flair with local culture — that's where the magic happens. We're talking growth, we're talking community, we're talking the good stuff that keeps us all connected.

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