About PropelGrowth

PropelGrowth specializes in helping small and medium-sized B2B businesses build pipeline. We work directly with heads of sales, marketing and CEOs to develop customer-centric strategies that drive revenue.



We serve firms that have complex B2B sales processes and need help driving consistent sales growth.

Using an account-based strategy and customer research, we can help you:

  • Identify and target your ideal niche
  • Better understand your clients
  • Improve your prospecting effectiveness
  • Develop a customer-centric marketing strategy
  • Create sales and marketing messaging based on voice-of-customer research
  • Attract well-qualified opportunities
  • Improve close rates

Supercharge your account prospecting using LinkedIn to deliver a steady flow of highly qualified leads.


Acumatica partners - learn more about how to leapfrog your competition with a customer-centric marketing strategy.


Customer insights drive sales. Find out how to leverage buyer research to supercharge your marketing and sales.


Your Instructor: Candyce Edelen

Hi, I'm Candyce. As a serial entrepreneur, I've created 5 companies (some successful, some not).

When I started PropelGrowth, I was able to leverage relationships from my 2 prior startups to attract a steady stream of referral and inbound sales leads.

Then in 2018, my partner and I decided to pivot PropelGrowth to a new industry. So I needed to build a new network from scratch. I had no budget for travel, events or advertising. And I REALLY don't like cold calling. 

But if I don't sell, my family won't eat. So I had to find a way to attract clients and make sales. I started hearing about lead generation techniques using LinkedIn, and after several months of research on the best practices, I started trying the methods. 

After several months of trial and error, I arrived at a technique that landed 125 initial sales calls in 6 months. 27 of those calls converted into opportunities. I only need to do 3-5 deals a year, so my pipeline was FULL!

I've spent the past 3 years researching, testing and refining the techniques, and I've landed on best practices that I'm now ready to teach to others. So that's why I developed the course material for supercharging your account prospecting using LinkedIn. 

What you'll learn in my course is not theory. It's a tested strategy that I personally use today to keep my pipeline full.

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