PropelGrowth Prospecting Mastery

What if you could consistently book meetings with your ideal prospects? 

Prospecting Mastery is a proven system for generating qualified leads using LinkedIn. In this course, we teach solopreneurs, business owners and sales teams how to reliably and predictably generate qualified sales leads.


We get it, prospecting is hard. But you can’t ignore it.

Your business depends on your ability to reliably and predictably bring in sales opportunities.

So you need a strategy that will work consistently, and that isn’t so freakin’ painful.

Learn to create meaningful connections and consistently book meetings with ideal prospects using LinkedIn...and keep your pipeline full.

"After working just a few weeks with Candyce, I had a profile that attracted more of the right people and a process for connecting that generated my best month ever. I continue to leverage Candyce’s approach and continue to get consistent results—better connections that are better prospects, and better clients. I highly recommend Candyce and her LinkedIn prospecting mastery programs!"

Scott Perry, Chief Difference Maker at Creative On Purpose

A healthy sales pipeline is the lifeblood of your business, so it’s critical that you never deprioritize prospecting. 


If you’re not disciplined about consistently bringing in new leads, you’ll never escape the frustrating feast or famine revenue cycle.

At the same time, your target buyers are dealing with serious business problems right now. They’re looking for help.

But you have to approach them in a manner that won’t chase them away. And there’s a lot of noise out there, so to get their attention, you have to market smarter, not louder. 

Prospecting Mastery teaches you how to reach them, engage them in dialogue, and win their you can also win their business.


"Through her LinkedIn training, Candyce has made me a better prospector, and her approach is game-changing and should be applied to every aspect of the sales outreach process. Her methods have helped consistently turn cold outreach into warm calls and, my meeting rates have increased by 50%! I'm forever grateful for what I've learned in her training and can't recommend this highly enough."

Gabriel MartinezDirector Of Business Development, Compass Community Living

LinkedIn is a prospecting gold mine!

In nearly every B2B market, LinkedIn is the most effective way to reach your buyers online. Are you ready to make it work for you?

Prospecting Mastery teaches you everything you need to build your presence and reach your buyers on LinkedIn.

You’ll get a complete roadmap for how to:

  • build your network
  • attract clients
  • start meaningful conversations
  • fill your sales pipeline

Prospecting Mastery is an advanced course to help you build your presence, attract leads and book sales meetings on LinkedIn 

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Optimize Your Profile

to attract your ideal target customers and establish your personal brand.

Find Your Niche

so you can be effective and efficient with your messaging and outreach.

Build Awareness

by sharing content to attract your target audience and industry influencers.

Grow Your Network

and get comfortable crafting messages that start meaningful conversations with target buyers.

Cultivate Relationships

by starting conversations and establishing genuine relationships that lead to sales conversations.

Avoid LinkedIn Jail

and leverage the algorithm to boost reach, grow your network without breaking the rules.

PropelGrowth Prospecting Mastery will give you skills, strategy and resources to up your sales game. You’ll be able to confidently reach out to new leads on LinkedIn, build a well-qualified pipeline, and generate more revenue.


This is for you if you…

  • Agree that human-to-human outreach is better than bots.

  • Enjoy building relationships and trust with prospects.

  • Want to truly engage on LinkedIn and share knowledge.

  • Want an effective alternative to cold calls and cold email.

This is not for you if you…

  • Are looking for a quick fix or “magic bullet.”

  • Prefer to automate your LinkedIn outreach.

  • Think building relationships with leads is a waste of time.

  • Are content with low conversion rates when prospecting.

Prospecting Mastery Course Outline

Prospecting Mastery is a 14-module advanced course. It teaches you how to build a presence on LinkedIn, attract your target audience, and get meetings with qualified leads.

Why LinkedIn is so Effective for Prospecting

  • Objectives of this Workshop
  • Results You Can Expect from this Strategy
  • LinkedIn vs. Inbound - the Differences are Staggering
  • LinkedIn vs. Email - 30X Better Conversion Rates

Strategy is Crucial to Success

  • Decide Who to Target
  • Select an Offer They Can't Resist
  • Develop Your Positioning and Messaging
  • The Incredible Benefits of Targeting a Narrow Audience

Optimize Your Profile to Attract Qualified Leads

  • Develop Your Positioning and Headline
  • Transform Your Profile Summary
  •  Maximize the Value of Your Experience
  • Adjust Your Profile Settings to Improve Results

Targeting Your Best Leads

  • The Most Effective Search Techniques
  • Targeting Large Accounts
  • More Ways to Find Leads

Building Your Network

  • Send Connection Requests that Get Accepted
  • Engage to Attract Attention
  • Why You Should Avoid InMail
  • Invitations that Worked / Invitations that Didn't

Engaging Your Connections

  • Messages That Get (Virtual) Meetings
  • Approaches That Feel Like Spam (or Just Creepy)
  • Converting Connections into Sales Meetings
  • Preparing for the First Call

Nurturing Your Leads

  • How to Stay Visible to Prospects
  • Post to Attract the RIGHT Engagement
  • Leverage the LinkedIn Algorithm

Engage Multiple Stakeholders

  • Using an Account-Based Strategy
  • Improve Your Closing Odds by 34%
  • Nurturing During Long Sales Cycles

Tips for Staying Organized

  • Overcome Problems with LinkedIn Messenger
  • Tracking Your Activity
  • Manage Outstanding Invitations

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