Supercharge Account Prospecting Using LinkedIn

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(Even during a pandemic)

Every business requires a reliable, steady stream of new sales to stay in business and continue growing. But prospecting for B2B sales leads can be challenging in the best of times, and even more daunting when everyone is working from home.

  • Cold calling is steadily growing less effective.
  • In-person networking is difficult during the pandemic
  • We can’t invite prospects to get acquainted over coffee.
Learn sales prospecting with Linkedin — you got this!









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Keep Sales Flowing, Even When Everyone Is Working From Home

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Cold Calling Has a Low ROI

Cold calling is a tough way to make a living. Most cold callers need to make 100 calls to get 2 appointments.

And it’s just getting worse. The surge in robo-calls make your prospects reluctant to answer the phone.

In 2019 293 billion emails were sent per day. 238 billion were never opened.

Email Effectiveness is Declining

Emailing a cold list isn’t super effective either. Average email open rates are 20% for a warm list. They’re much lower for a purchased list. You don’t have time to build a list organically if you need sales NOW!

Most Buyers Want to Hear From Sellers

The good news is that most buyers are willing to talk with a seller who adds value to their day. You just need to find a way to make it worth their time. That alone will differentiate you from your competitors.

Now you just have to be able to reach them.

Senior Execs Are On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE platform for senior executives in nearly every industry. This is where your buyers go to find relevant content and learn about solutions to their nagging business problems. You CAN find them there, and you CAN turn them into qualified prospects.

You Can Reach Them

Become an expert at prospecting on LinkedIn. Learn how to connect with your target accounts, engage your best buyers, schedule sales calls, and fill up your pipeline.


Social Sellers Outperform Peers

78% of social sellers outperform peers who don't use social selling techniques. They: 

  • Generate 45% more sales opportunities
  • Are 51% more likely to achieve quota

And that was before the pandemic. It's even more true today. 

Master Your Destiny

Once you learn the strategy and techniques from this program, you'll be unstoppable. In fact, the strategy is so effective that you might not even need to do as many events once we’re able to return to normal. 


Not an Outsourced Model

If you’ve tried outsourcing your LinkedIn lead generation with poor results, don't worry! This approach is very different, and your results will be MUCH BETTER! 

If you're considering outsourcing LinkedIn prospecting, watch our free webinar and register for our master class first. I think you'll quickly realize that this is better done in-house.

Use LinkedIn to Supercharge Your Prospecting

A couple years ago, Candyce Edelen pivoted her company to a new market and needed to quickly ramp up sales. She hated cold calling, didn’t have an email list, and didn’t have money to travel to a lot of networking events.

So she researched techniques for generating leads on LinkedIn, experimented a bit, and landed on a methodology that allowed her to book 125 sales calls in 6 months.

She optimized her approach and developed best practices. Now, she’s teaching others her strategy. 

These are the results Candyce got in the first 6 months of using the strategies taught in our masterclass.

How would 125 sales calls in the next six months impact your pipeline?

Candyce's Results

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  7. Score cards to help you keep track of your progress and results

You Can Do This!

Harness LinkedIn to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. Connect with target accounts, engage your best buyers, and schedule a steady stream of sales calls.

For only $300.00, you'll get all the tools you need to start booking meetings!

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