Ready to Take Control of Your Sales Pipeline?

Are you sick and tired of feast or famine revenue cycles and not being able to predict when revenue is coming in? Our programs will help you solve that problem once and for all. 

You CAN reliably, predictably and systematically bring in qualified sales leads. We’ll show you and your team how to use LinkedIn to book a consistent flow of meaningful conversations with ideal prospects. Are you ready to take control?


Go from Connection to Conversation on LinkedIn

Imagine going into 2023 CONFIDENT that you can reliably get in the door with any prospect you want to target.

 Join this workshop and learn our 3-step process. 


Do any of these situations feel familiar?


You’re solely responsible for generating sales and delivering to customers. If you don’t sell, you don’t eat. But finding time is hard!

Small Business Owner

You’ve got a team, but at the end of the day, sales results weigh heavily on your shoulders. You're the primary rainmaker.

Sales Executive

There’s a quota hanging over your head, so you need a healthy pipeline. But it's hard to carve out time for prospecting.

We get you! In fact, our system was developed specifically for you…


We're betting that you’ve already invested time and money in multiple approaches to build your pipeline. And you've probably already learned that there’s no “easy button” for lead generation.

So can we agree that:

  • It’s a noisy market, so you have to market smarter, not louder...
  • Relying on word-of-mouth creates an unstable business model… 
  • Outsourcing or automating LinkedIn lead generation delivers lousy results…
  • Spammy sales pitches just annoy customers and don’t work…
  • You can't annoy a customer into doing business with you...

If you’re sick and tired of getting poor results from your lead generation investment, you’re not alone…

In 2018, we pivoted PropelGrowth to a new market. But we didn’t have leads or budget for campaigns and we hate cold calling!

However...if we don’t sell, we don’t eat. So something had to give.

Candyce researched techniques for generating leads on LinkedIn, experimented a bit, and landed on a methodology that allowed her to book a whopping 125 sales calls in 6 months, while still handling client engagements.

Since then, she’s been teaching and optimizing the process. Now, she’s consistently booking meetings with 71% of the people she approaches. And her students are getting similar results. 

How would booking 125 sales calls in the next six months impact your pipeline?


Have you looked into LinkedIn lead generation services?

If so, you’ve probably been sold a bill of goods about lead generation…

Maybe you've heard that...

  • You can automate your relationship with buyers
  • Prospects respond positively to bots (trust me, this is very risky)
  • You can beat the LinkedIn algorithm
  • A purchased list will magically dump leads into your lap
  • A done-for-you service will bring in leads on auto-pilot

NONE of these are true.

What if you had a system that…

…predictably and reliably brings in new, qualified leads?

…your sales team can replicate?

…isn’t spammy or interruptive?

…creates human-to-human connections?

…actually delivers productive sales meetings?

How would that affect your business?

If you had a predictable pipeline, would you worry less?
Could you take a vacation?


We can help.

Our programs show you how to: 

Build Awareness - Optimize your LinkedIn profile and share content to attract your target audience and industry influencers.

Grow Your Network - Engage with your target audience and strike up conversations via LinkedIn posts, comments, connection requests and DMs that aren’t spammy.

Cultivate Relationships - Use a measured approach to take conversations to the next level and establish genuine relationships that can lead to sales conversations. 

"Candyce’s uniquely human approach to LinkedIn finally teaches sales and business leaders to use social media as it was intended — to build relationships. If you’re looking for an effective way to slice through all the chatter and stand out in a crowded market, this is it!"

— Laura Schomaker, Senior Marketing Associate Intelligent Technologies, Inc

Laura Schomaker (Intelligent Technologies, Inc.) testimonial.

We’ll equip you with a reliable, predictable system that delivers a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

Here are the ways we can help you with your prospecting…


Workshops on one specific topic, designed for the person with little time, those who want to try out our programs with a small initial investment, or those looking to augment an already strong skill set.



A 14-module online course that helps you build a solid LinkedIn prospecting foundation. Helps you optimize your profile, find leads, connect, engage and book sales calls. Go at your own pace. Start filling your pipeline today!




Includes our Prospecting Mastery course, plus live weekly sessions with a cohort of like-minded peers. Each week, we'll work on a specific skill to optimize your LinkedIn presence. Great for those who thrive in a community setting and need accountability.


“Profitable Prospecting”

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