LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator

Expert training in LinkedIn social selling to fill your sales pipeline, while treating prospects with respect.

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Human-to-human Sales Prospecting

LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator

Expert training in LinkedIn social selling to fill your sales pipeline, while treating prospects with respect.

The PropelGrowth Accelerator is especially relevant for professionals responsible for sales in the ERP and CRM channel.

Our members are getting meetings with 68% of the engaged connections they invite to meet.
46% of those meetings turn into qualified sales opportunities.

If you do the work and follow the program, you can get similar results.

(But it won't work if you won't put in the effort or insist on pitch-slapping your prospects.)

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6 ways your lead generation methods are failing you, your prospects, and your sales team

Buying and Blasting

You buy a list and blast it without strategy, segmenting or personalization. You look lazy, and your prospects feel like just another number. Not a good first impression, and not surprisingly, you don't get many replies.

Annoyance at Scale

You’ve outsourced LinkedIn lead generation or are using LinkedIn automation to blast out connection requests and pitch slaps. It’s annoying your prospects, not getting results and could land you in LinkedIn jail. 

Waiting for Inbound Leads

You hired someone to do inbound marketing, and leads are trickling in. But the volume isn’t sufficient to reliably hit sales goals, and many of the leads are poor quality. Ever wonder why the top inbound marketing platforms still hire sales reps? 

Frosty Cold Calling

 You've got a hit list and a minimum daily quota of cold calls, but only 2% pick up the phone.  When you do get a meeting, 2/3rds of prospects ghost you.  'Get a thicker skin' you're told, but surely there's a less soul-crushing way to do outreach?

Purchasing Leads

You’re paying for leads from firms like Software Advice…but so are your competitors. They’re expensive to buy and you end up competing directly with other resellers and platforms.

Superficial Sales Training

You put your team through sales training. After a month or so of improvement, they backslide into old habits. But it never seems to deliver long-term behavior changes.

Join our Prospecting Accelerator for these outcomes:


Establish credibility with your profile and content.


Craft connection requests that start conversations.


Consistently get meetings with your ideal prospects.


What Is It?

The Accelerator is a 12-month academy where you get online courses, live training, small group coaching, and a community of like-minded sellers to accelerate your prospecting and pipeline growth. 

We’ll hold you accountable. Report weekly to a scoreboard and take advantage of friendly competition to keep you motivated. 

Every live session is recorded, in case you have a scheduling conflict.

How Does It Work?

Start with an intensive 4-week onboarding to learn the essential social selling skills. You'll meet with your cohort twice a week for training and Q&A. Start doing sales outreach from day one with personalized help from Candyce.

Then join the main membership for ongoing coaching on your outreach and posting. We’ll help you master social selling. You’ll receive weekly training, hotseat sessions and coaching during open office hours.

What Does It Cost?

Cost is $1,890.00 to start and then $547.00 per month thereafter (Discount available for teams that join together). 


What’s the ROI? 

Our members are getting meetings with 68% of the engaged connections they invite to meet. 46% of those meetings turn into qualified sales opportunities.

But this only works when members take the time to learn the human2human strategies and consistently reach out to prospects who are active on LinkedIn.

What Do You Get?

Intensive onboarding

Intensive onboarding to ramp up quickly.

Training, templates and tools

On-demand access to our training, templates, tools.

Monthly live training

Monthly live training to optimize LinkedIn outreach.

Twice-monthly Q&A and live hotseat sessions

Twice-monthly Q&A and live hotseat sessions.

Weekly reporting

Weekly reporting to hold you accountable.


What Our Members Said About the Prospecting Accelerator

Once you've heard these member testimonials, go check out our 1-year membership plan.


Stop annoying your prospects and crushing the souls of your sales reps! There is a better way to prospect.

Don't Leave It To Chance

“Spray and Pray” prospecting is a waste of time, talent and money. We’ll teach your team how to systematically, predictably, and reliably build a pipeline of your ideal sales prospects. 

You Can’t Automate a Relationship

This Accelerator is for human-to-human interactions. It’s about building relationships. And you can't do that with a bot. So we don’t allow LinkedIn automation.

Efficiency ≠ Effectiveness

Our approach will seem labor-intensive at first. But with practice, the strategy we teach will net you 34 meetings for every 100 connection requests. There’s a big difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

Nurture the Lurker

Most prospects won’t engage directly with your content on LinkedIn. That doesn’t mean they’re not watching. Attract the right audience, build your professional brand, and grow your network. Nurture your lurkers until they raise their hands.

Stop Burning Out Sales Reps

It takes most sales reps 6 months to ramp up and 12 months to be a consistent producer. This Accelerator program can speed up their ramp time and help them achieve results faster. Look after your reps and you'll reduce expensive churn.

“I knew there was power in LinkedIn saw people being successful marketing there. But I didn't see a lot of success from cold outreach. My perspective was that, if everyone is hitting the decision-makers constantly, how can I cut through that noise?

This Accelerator has provided a way to be genuine, make a real connection with people, get to the right decision makers, and establish a relationship. As long as you take a long-term perspective, find people who are your ideal clients, and build long-term relationships, it will be fruitful in the long-term. This is a very refreshing view on prospecting.”

Jake Northey, Founder and Chief Product Engineer


“One thing I’ve gotten is understanding how to give someone a reason that they'd want to talk to me in the first place, and doing that background research before I reach out. I've used a lot of different tools and different approaches, but a higher number of people connect with me taking this approach. So, thanks.”

Charles Brickey, Business Development Specialist

This Academy is for you if… 

  • You’re a business owner who needs to sell.
  • You’re a seller responsible for generating your own pipeline.
  • You have deep knowledge of your target prospects.
  • You want to work smarter, not harder.
  • You’ll commit at least an hour a day to prospecting.
  • You want to share thought leadership and engage leads.
  • You embrace accountability.

Don’t join if…

  • You’re a transactional seller.
  • Your deal size is lower than $5000 ACV.
  • You don’t want relationships with clients.
  • You want to automate or outsource LinkedIn lead generation.
  • You won’t dedicate time to prospect daily.
  • You resist change and prefer excuses over results.
  • You don’t want to be held accountable.

Check out the 2024 Accelerator meeting schedule

4-week onboarding begins on April 30th at 12:00 noon MDT (separate from the 2:00 pm sessions).


Human-to-Human Outreach Saves Time

You might be thinking you don't have time for prospecting. Think again!

Fact is, our human-to-human strategy will save you time because you'll target higher quality leads and not waste time with prospects that aren't qualified.

Check out the video to learn how a client got back a whole week of time using our approach.










Choose Your Membership Plan

Both the single and team plans include:

  • 4-weeks of onboarding (2 sessions per week)
  • Live sessions 3-4 times per month for a year
  • Prospecting Mastery (our on-demand 5-hour course)
  • Our human-to-human LinkedIn framework.
  • Loads of templates, frameworks and tips to help you maximize your marketing and prospecting results.

Accelerator PLUS adds monthly private coaching calls with Candyce.

* (for more than 2 team members, please contact us for special pricing)


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