Dropping the Prospecting Plate is Risky

accelerator prospecting Sep 02, 2021
For salespeople, dropping the prospecting plate can be risky.

"The 90-Day Prospecting Accelerator seems like a lot of work, and I’m already busy. How much time would I need to devote?"

This is an important question.

Every professional is spinning multiple plates. The more responsibility, the more plates. 

When we get overwhelmed, prospecting is almost always the first plate to get dropped.

As head of a 2-person marketing firm, I’m spinning a LOT of plates from marketing and sales to delivery and accounting. A few years ago, we landed two huge accounts in the same month, both on 12-month contracts. I suddenly got REALLY busy…so I stopped doing business development and marketing.

We made a ton of money that year. In fact, it was PropelGrowth’s most profitable 12 months.

Then those contracts ended, and I had no pipeline. Revenue dried up, and it took 6 months to build the pipeline back up. The next year was painful.

Lesson learned.

This is a key reason why I started the 90-Day Prospecting Accelerator.

It’s easy to drop prospecting when we get busy. But that creates a huge risk for our businesses. So we need a cadence that can work regardless of how busy we are.

The Accelerator group meets once a week to work on optimizing specific outreach efforts. The rest of the week, participants invest about an hour a day sharing content, engaging and prospecting on LinkedIn.

Even busy business owners can do this. Our current Accelerator includes 7 small business owners.

Three of them run companies with (10 to 1,500 employees) and are working with SDRs (sales development rep) to help with outreach. The SDRs do most of the outreach, collaborating closely with the owners. 

Four members are owners who are doing the outreach themselves. Two are solopreneurs, one runs a 3-person company, and one has 35 employees.  Even though they’re incredibly busy people, those four are also the members getting the best results from their prospecting outreach.

If you can carve out 1 hour a day, an average of 5 hours a week, you CAN make this work for your business. I guarantee it. If you join the Accelerator and attend the first two sessions but don’t get value, I’ll give you your money back.

But…it only works if you work it.

Are you ready to start building a network of your ideal prospects and a pipeline to secure the long-term health of your company?

Click here to learn more about the 90-Day LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator. If you're interested, please reach out to me about joining our next cohort. It's time to build your network.


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