Stay Human (or The Benefits of Being Human on LinkedIn)

linkedin prospecting sales Jun 01, 2022
There are many benefits (and wins) from building genuine relationships on LinkedIn

"LinkedIn is evolving away from human communication." 

That was a comment on a recent LinkedIn post about bots.

In a way, it's true. When people use automation on LinkedIn, it's never effective. But I've built so many great relationships on LinkedIn. And I'm doing real business on LinkedIn every single day.

For example — here are 5 outcomes of LinkedIn engagement that just happened in one day:

  • I had a conversation with Rachel Simon, whom I met on LinkedIn last year because someone tagged us both in a post. She and I decided to do a joint workshop next month.
  • I connected with a financial advisor on LinkedIn several months ago. He and I got to know each other via LinkedIn DM. Then we met for coffee in November. Just today, my husband and I decided to hire him to manage our retirement account.
  • I met a sales trainer on LinkedIn 3 years ago. He recently posted something I really liked, so I reached out to compliment him last week, and we booked a Zoom call. Today in our call, we decided to plan a joint event for August.
  • A LinkedIn connection referred me to one of her clients via LinkedIn. After a conversation via DM last week, we booked a Zoom call for today. Now he's planning to join my 90-Day prospecting Accelerator in July.
  • A new connection saw some of my posts and invited me to be a guest on his podcast.

All of those relationships started on LinkedIn. I booked all the meetings via LinkedIn DMs.

Bottom line: stay human, my friends.

What could you accomplish in one day, if you could consistently get meetings with connections on LinkedIn?

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