How Do I Cut Through the Noise on LinkedIn?

linkedin prospecting Sep 28, 2021
How to use LinkedIn to cut through the noise.

"If everyone is hitting up decision-makers on LinkedIn, how can I cut through the noise and make a genuine connection?"

Many people dismiss LinkedIn as a sales tool because they don't think they can cut through the noise. But I've found it pretty easy to stand out just by being human and working to establish real connection, real relationships.

The key is to stop selling and start connecting. Build a network of people who know you, and who you know. Build real relationships.

Most of those relationships won't turn into sales immediately.

Networking is about playing the long game. If you're a short-term thinker, networking is not going to work for you, whether you do it in person or on LinkedIn.

But if you play the long game, being helpful and sincere with your network, the referrals and sales will start rolling in.

Jake Northey said this is what he's getting from our LinkedIn Prospecting Accelerator: "As long as you take a long-term perspective, find people who are your ideal clients, and build long-term relationships, it will be fruitful in the long-term. This is a very refreshing view on prospecting."

Are you ready to start building a network of your ideal prospects?

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