Don't Squander Your Most Productive Prospecting Season

Jan 04, 2022
Learn how to full advantage of your most fruitful prospecting season!

January marks the beginning of what will be the most productive prospecting season for most sales people.

Prospects are back at work, they’ve set new goals, and they’re excited about making quick progress. 

As you reach out to cold (and warm) leads, remember to focus on what’s important to them. 

Don’t just ask them to grab a virtual coffee to get acquainted. Engage them in a conversation about a topic that’s relevant to their goals. 

Your outreach this month should be more productive than nearly any other month in the year.

So don’t squander it with clumsy approaches. 

If you want some help composing good messages to book meetings with cold leads, send me a connection request and DM on LinkedIn. I’m happy to give you some tips.

(but remember to personalize your connection request and DM!)

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