LinkedIn Verification: Should You Get That Little Gray Shield?

linkedin linkedintips no bots Feb 20, 2024
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The LinkedIn Verification Conversation

LinkedIn has rolled out a new identity verification system, sparking discussions among professionals about its implications. A conversation between LinkedIn experts Gillian Whitney and John Experian provided insights into the benefits and potential concerns associated with this feature. 

Insights from Gillian and John's Discussion

During their conversation, Gillian and John noted that a verified profile could boost credibility and trustworthiness, particularly when connecting with new contacts. They also speculated that verification might unlock future privileges for members and could evolve from a nice-to-have to an expected professional standard.

John outlined the three types of verification — personal, corporate, and educational — all leading to a gray shield icon on one's profile, signaling a verified identity. Although the adoption rate is not high yet, this icon could become a distinguishing feature for early adopters.

Gillian recounted her verification experience through Clear, expressing initial concerns about privacy and data security. John, who verified his identity in the UK using Persona, reassured that third-party services only confirm one's identity to LinkedIn without sharing detailed personal information.

Their conversation (which you can view here) surfaced issues that have inspired a few recommendations.

User Recommendations

Seal of Trust:

A verified LinkedIn profile acts as a digital trust seal, reassuring potential clients that you are who you say you are. In a profession where relationships lead to revenue, this can differentiate you from the competition and potentially shorten sales cycles.

Networking Edge:

With a verification badge, your connection requests and messages may carry more weight, increasing the likelihood of expanding your professional network. More connections mean more opportunities.

Privacy Matters:

Given the competitive nature of sales, privacy is paramount. Rest assured that LinkedIn's third-party verification via services like Clear and Persona is designed to confirm your identity without oversharing personal details.

Step-by-Step Verification Guide:

Embarking on the verification journey? Ensure your LinkedIn name matches your legal identification to avoid hiccups. If you hit a roadblock, alternative documentation or routes such as corporate or educational email verification might be your ticket.

Share Your Verification Voyage:

Your feedback as a frontline networker is invaluable. Share your verification experiences with LinkedIn to help refine this feature. 

Recommendations for LinkedIn

Enhanced Support for Sales Professionals:

Sales professionals thrive on networking. LinkedIn could bolster their experience by offering dedicated support during the verification process, addressing any sales-specific concerns.

Transparent Data Security:

Clarify how data is protected during the verification process. Detailed transparency will alleviate privacy concerns and foster greater adoption among sales users.

Inclusive Verification:

Adapt the verification process to accommodate various forms of identification. Sales professionals often have dynamic career paths, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not suffice.

Bottom Line:

If you decide the pros outweigh the cons, Gillian and John recommend verifying sooner than later. Turn on two-factor authentication for extra security. Know the process can take multiple frustrating attempts.

Whether or not you decide to get verified, focus on showing there’s a human being behind the account by:

  • Cultivating an optimized profile
  • Engaging often with other professionals
  • Regularly posting helpful content
  • Spotlighting a video of you speaking your UVP in  your profile’s “Featured” section

For sales professionals, LinkedIn's verification feature isn't just a badge; it's a strategic tool that opens doors to deeper connections and more robust relationships. As LinkedIn continues to refine this feature, let's ensure it aligns with the needs of those who are the vanguard of building professional relationships.

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