From LinkedIn Connection To Meaningful Conversation

Every business needs to consistently get in front of prospective customers. Whether it's to do market research or to build a sales pipeline, we need a reliable way to get meetings with new contacts. 

But the traditional methods of cold calling and emailing continue to decline in effectiveness.

Watch this free training and learn how to use LinkedIn to generate a steady stream of new sales opportunities...without cold calling or spamming. 

  • Find, connect and engage with a target niche
  • Book meetings with at least 40% of the people you approach (without cold calling)
  • Use these meetings to analyze trends, understand demand, and tweak your offering

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Find New Prospects

Build a network of contacts in your target audience.

Start Conversations

Engage with the right people at the right target accounts.

Build Pipeline

Consistently fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities.

Want to get better at prospecting?

Join Our Prospecting Mastery Class to Supercharge Your Prospecting

Prospecting Mastery is a proven system for generating qualified leads using LinkedIn. In this course, we teach solopreneurs, business owners and sales teams how to reliably and predictably generate qualified sales leads.

If you'll consistently invest 5 to 8 hours a week, you can implement the strategies Candyce teaches in this course. Join now and learn how to use LinkedIn to generate a steady stream of qualified leads and keep your pipeline full.


What you get from supercharging your prospecting:

  • 30x higher conversion rates than email marketing
  • Dramatically higher quality leads than with inbound
  • 34% lift in close ratios by increasing stakeholder engagement

This is not your average LinkedIn workshop

There are lots of videos, blogs and webinars that show you how to optimize your profile and share content. But this course will show you how to connect with your best targets, book virtual meetings to get acquainted, and convert contacts into sales leads.


Social Sellers Outperform Peers

78% of social sellers outperform peers who don't use social selling techniques. They: 

  • Generate 45% more sales opportunities
  • Are 51% more likely to achieve quota

Join us and learn how to apply the best in-person networking strategies to your outreach on LinkedIn.

Master Your Destiny

Once you learn the strategy and techniques from this program, you'll be unstoppable. Learn to connect, start meaningful conversations, and consistently book meetings with ideal prospects using LinkedIn...and keep your pipeline full.

You Can Do This!

Harness LinkedIn to fill your pipeline with qualified leads. Connect with target accounts, engage your best buyers, and schedule a steady stream of sales calls. Enroll today, and start filling your pipeline within a few days.



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