All the Tools You Need to Generate Leads on LinkedIn 

Our Prospecting Mastery Course will teach you how to harness LinkedIn to keep your pipeline full.

Connect with target accounts, engage your best buyers, and schedule a steady stream of sales calls.

This is an advanced course for B2B salespeople and sales development reps who want to learn new approaches to social selling in order to prospect for qualified leads.

The LinkedIn Master Class from PropelGrowth will help keep your pipeline full.

Outcomes you can expect from this training:

Build Your Network

Increase your connection acceptance rate to 70%

Book Sales Calls

Get first meetings with 20-35% of your new connections

Close More Deals

Reach more stakeholders to improve close ratios by 34%

Social Sellers Outperform Peers

78% of social sellers outperform peers who don't use social selling techniques. 

  • Generate 45% more sales opportunities
  • Are 51% more likely to achieve quota

And that was before the pandemic. It's even more true today. 

You Can Do This!

You can harness LinkedIn to consistently fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

  • Connect with target accounts
  • Engage in conversation with your best prospects
  • Schedule a steady stream of sales calls
  • Fill your pipeline with opportunities

Course Outline

Why LinkedIn is so Effective for Prospecting

  •  Objectives of this Workshop
  •  Results You Can Expect from this Strategy
  •  LinkedIn vs. Inbound - the Differences are Staggering
  •  LinkedIn vs. Email - 30X Better Conversion Rates

Strategy is Crucial to Success

  •  Decide Who to Target
  •  Select an Offer They Can't Resist
  •  Develop Your Positioning and Messaging
  •  The Incredible Benefits of Targeting a Narrow Audience

Optimize Your Profile to Attract Qualified Leads

  •  Develop Your Positioning and Headline
  •  Transform Your Profile Summary
  •  Maximize the Value of Your Experience
  •  Adjust Your Profile Settings to Improve Results

Targeting Your Best Leads

  •  The Most Effective Search Techniques
  •  Targeting Large Accounts
  •  More Ways to Find Leads

Building Your Network

  •  Send Connection Requests that Get Accepted
  •  Engage to Attract Attention
  •  Why You Should Avoid InMail
  •  Invitations that Worked / Invitations that Didn't

Engaging Your Connections

  •  Messages That Get (Virtual) Meetings
  •  Approaches That Feel Like Spam (or Just Creepy)
  •  Converting Connections into Sales Meetings
  •  Preparing for the First Call

Nurturing Your Leads

  •  How to Stay Visible to Prospects
  •  Post to Attract the RIGHT Engagement
  •  Leverage the LinkedIn Algorithm

Engage Multiple Stakeholders

  •  Using an Account-Based Strategy
  •  Improve Your Closing Odds by 34%
  •  Nurturing During Long Sales Cycles

Tips for Staying Organized

  •  Overcome Problems with LinkedIn Messenger
  •  Tracking Your Activity
  •  Manage Outstanding Invitations

Not an Outsourced Model

This course teaches you to source leads for yourself.

Done-for-you services generally don't work. They might get you new connections, but they also generate a lot of spam and unqualified leads.

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