Get more meetings with an on-the-money LinkedIn profile. Aug. 9 2022 at 9am MT, Aug. 11 at 2pm MT

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Helping or Hindering Sales? 

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for engaging with your ideal prospects. But it's critical to dial in your profile.

Your headline and photo are the most important parts of your profile. That's where you make your first impression. If they’re not dialed in, prospects will be less likely to connect and engage.

Join us to learn how to optimize these critical parts of your LinkedIn profile, and then use them to connect and engage with prospects so you can book more sales calls. 

What you'll get from this workshop

Rachel Simon is an expert in optimizing LinkedIn profiles.

Candyce Edelen is expert in helping people connect and book meetings with ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

Together, we’re offering a joint workshop to help you optimize your LinkedIn presence and get more meetings. 

You'll learn to: 

  • Optimize your headline and photo to create an awesome first impression.
  • Send connection requests that result in engagement and booked meetings.

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