Webinar: How ERP/CRM Partners can use LinkedIn to get meetings with cold leads

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How ERP/CRM Partners Can Use LinkedIn to Get More Meetings with Cold Leads

Who this is for:
ERP and CRM resellers - owners, sales and marketing pros who want to add more sales opportunities to their pipeline.

Recorded on August 24, 2021


Candyce Edelen, CEO of PropelGrowth
Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP Blog LLC

We all need leads. But prospecting for ERP and CRM sales is challenging. Cold calling and emailing yield low response rates. Content and inbound marketing takes time to build traction.

But what if your company needs leads NOW to meet revenue targets? 

Anya Ciecierski asked Candyce Edelen from PropelGrowth to show you how she’s helping 28 ERP/CRM firms quickly build a pipeline. 


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“I personally started using her LinkedIn strategies in the beginning of 2021. I’m so impressed with the results that I want to share this with my ERP/CRM Software Blog members.”
        ~Anya Ciecierski

In 6 months, targeting a completely new market, Candyce produced these impressive  results for her own business: 

  • 500 new connections matching her ideal customer
  • 355 responded to DM messages on LinkedIn 
  • 125 booked introductory sales calls 
  • 27 turned into opportunities
  • $438K of new business

She did this in 6 months...just using LinkedIn (while running a consulting business full time).

Since January 2021, Candyce has helped 28 ERP and CRM partners to build their pipelines in the same way.

Outcomes you can expect from implementing these strategies:

  • LinkedIn connection acceptance rate of 60-70%
  • Book meetings with at least 40% of the people you contact
  • Reach multiple stakeholders to improve your close ratios by 34%

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