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Companion Course

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Nurture Leads That
Aren’t Ready to Buy

Make the most of your outreach meetings with a simple process for nurturing leads who aren't yet ready to buy.

We've all been there.

You set up a meeting with a great prospect. 

There's chemistry, and they seem interested in your offer.  

But the timing isn't right, and there's no sale.

Not every lead is ready to buy right away.  

How can you ensure your hard prospecting work doesn't go to waste?

My simple 4 step approach will help you turn your conversations into nurturing content for prospects.  

Your content will help prospects know you, trust you, and REMEMBER you, so they reach out to you when they’re ready to buy. 

At the end of this course, you'll have a step-by-step roadmap for capturing insights from the conversations you’re booking and be able to turn them into super-relevant posts…even if you can’t write well. 

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This is the ultimate companion course to From LinkedIn Connection to Conversation!

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From Connection to Meaningful Conversation

Imagine going into 2024 CONFIDENT that you can reliably get in the door with any prospect you want to target.

How will that affect your sales results next year?

January begins the most productive prospecting season of the year for most businesses. Folks get back to work after the holidays excited to make quick progress on their goals. Your outreach in January should be more productive than any other month in the year.

So don’t squander it with clumsy approaches:

Sending blank or generic connection requests? That’s lazy and doesn't start conversations.

Asking new connections for meetings? They’re busy, so they need a compelling reason to meet.

If you’re tired of cold calling, and getting low response rates from email and LinkedIn, then this workshop is for you.

Discover my simple 3-step process for LinkedIn cold outreach that gets 34 meetings for every 100 connection requests.

This process will outperform any other lead generation tactic you’re using. And it’s not just me: I’ve taught this approach to more than 250 people in the past year and they’re getting consistent results.

No spam, #nobots, no pitch slapping.
Just warm, human-to-human outreach that works.


You'll learn how to:

  1. Research a lead to find conversation starters
  2. Craft a connection request that gets accepted AND starts a conversation
  3. See examples of messages that started conversations, and those that got ignored



What People Are Saying:

Thank you for your presentation Candyce! The information you shared is so helpful in building meaningful human-to-human business connections. So much more effective than any other LinkedIn technique I've seen.

Ron Zasadzinski

Candyce your session did not disappoint! Thanks so much for putting this together. You provided a simple, no nonsense approach to connecting with people on LinkedIn. You also provided very useful and actionable feedback to the work that we submitted as well.

Christian Klepp

Candyce’s uniquely human approach to LinkedIn finally teaches sales and business leaders to use social media as it was intended—to build relationships. If you’re looking for an effective way to slice through all the chatter and stand out in a crowded market, this is it!

Laura Schomaker

Candyce's methods have helped consistently turn cold calls into warm calls, and my meeting rates have increased by 50%!

Gabriel Martinez