Supercharge Your Account Prospecting Using LinkedIn

This course will TRANSFORM your prospecting efforts. Learn how to use LinkedIn to find, connect and engage with B2B leads that match your ideal customer profile. Then schedule meaningful conversations that help turn cold leads into sales prospects. This is the most effective method you'll find to fill your pipeline with high quality B2B sales opportunities.


Build Your Network

Build a LinkedIn network FILLED with members of your specific target audience.

Establish Relationships

Demonstrate your value as a trusted advisor from the beginning of the relationship.

Attract Opportunities

Book meetings with decision makers and add a steady flow of deals to the pipeline.

This Prospecting Approach Yields Highly Successful Results

A couple years ago, Candyce Edelen pivoted her company to a new market and needed to quickly ramp up sales. She hates cold calling, didn’t have an email list, and didn’t have money to travel to a lot of networking events.

So she researched techniques for generating leads on LinkedIn, experimented a bit, and landed on a methodology that allowed her to book 125 sales calls in 6 months.

She optimized her approach and developed best practices. Now, she’s teaching others her strategy. 

These are the results Candyce got in the first 6 months of using the strategies taught in our masterclass.

How would 125 sales calls in the next six months impact your pipeline?

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Supercharge Your Account Prospecting Using LinkedIn

This course will help you fill your pipeline with new deals.

  • Increase your connection acceptance rate to 70%
  • Get first meetings with 20-35% of your new connections
  • Reach more stakeholders to improve your close ratios by 34%

What's included:

  • Custom training designed specifically for B2B sales
  • On demand access to our master class with 14 lessons demonstrating how to prospect on LinkedIn
  • A lead calculator to help you determine the activity needed to meet quota
  • Templates and worksheets to plan your strategy and messaging
  • Scorecards to track your results

Is this worth the money?

What do you normally pay for a meeting with a well-qualified lead? Many firms spend $200-$500 dollars for a single lead that might not even meet your qualification criteria. This course will help you generate a steady stream of leads you've hand picked. 

What's the ROI?

If you put this strategy into action and work it consistently every week, I guarantee that you'll see a huge ROI in the first 6 months. You just need to follow the steps I'll teach in the course.

In my first 6 months, I booked 125 sales calls. How many deals could you close, if you have 125 meetings with pre-qualified prospects?   

That's definitely worth the $497 investment.

Are You Ready?

Sign up today, and within 6 weeks, you'll be well on your way to filling your pipeline with well-qualified leads. What are you waiting for?